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Grau Modular - 6U 104HP · Red Case

Grau Modular - 6U 104HP · Red Case


Case 104Hp · RED

6U (2 Rows)
BUS x2 up to 28 outputs

Due to its compact dimensions 104HP also meets carry-on dimensions requirements for major airlines.

The Case closes patched!


(x 2 units: 28 outputs) 

+/-12 and 5 volts. Eurorack power bus with 28 outputs.
Designed to work with +/- 15 volts supply and regulated afterwards to +/- 12.

Works best with switched supplies as it eliminate eventual power related noises.
Extra thick copper layer used in the board, as well as faston connectors to improve performance.

  • Eurorack compliant.
  • 14 IDC “Boxed” outputs (x2 = 28 outputs)
  • Blade connectors for multiple buses linking.
  • Regulation stage included.
  • +/-12 v outputs (Max 700mA )
  • 5 v output (Max 300mA)


Switched dual power supply that outputs +/- 15 v

INPUT: 110/220V

OUTPUT: -15 COM +15


Add Info:
Closing Butterfly catch
Depth measurements from the guide: 5.5 cm
The Box is manufactured in 5 Colors of Tolex: Black. Orange, Cream, Purple and Red
Should Strap for easy transport.